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"Leading man Marc Pouhé reinvents Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol' at Zach"

"What really sets his Scrooge apart — aside from the fact that he is the first African American to play the role in Dave Steakley’s boisterous and extremely popular adaptation of the Charles Dickens tale — is his ample speaking voice.

Pouhé treats phrases like music. His intonation rises and falls with each utterance. His words are exact, concrete and utterly consequential.

After playing dozens of leading men as a professional actor in classics from Shakespeare to Noel Coward and Arthur Miller, Pouhé reshapes Scrooge into a hero, a man as horrified as Macbeth, as desolate as King Lear, and yet wonderfully warm, comical and playful when the narrative turns Dickens’ infamous miser into a fully dimensional man and, more so, a benefactor in the best sense of the term."

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